Review Hacklet: Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley ~ When One Reads a Unique Story

Do you like this cover? It confuses me.

Do you like this cover? It confuses me.

Introducing: the Hacklet!

It takes me quite some time to put together a full posting.  Here are my notes for the next full Hack for David Levithan’s Every Day:

A lot of notes can mean I really loved it or had serious problems with it.

A lot of notes can mean I really loved it or had serious problems with it. Can you guess which this one will be?

When I am busy with work and life and barely having time to read (*sob*), I’ve often just written a pithy review on goodreads and moved on. Or sometimes, I just don’t have a lot to say about a book.  So why not post shorter reviews RIGHT HERE? I shall call them: Hacklets. I’ve even added this as a category over there on the right-hand navigation for your future reference.  Hopefully this new format will mean I can post with more regularity.

On to the Hacklet for Where Things Come Back plus a bonus anecdote and side conversation about ebooks…

Verdict: One of the most unpredictable YA books I’ve ever read. Continue reading

Review: Anna Dressed in Blood – by Kendare Blake ~ creepy funny suspenseful GOOD

No Hacking Needed ❤

Verdict:  Mystery/horror/paranormal romance that breaks all the molds of these popular YA genres. A suspenseful page turner with plenty of humor and wit. I don’t even like horror novels, but I loved this book!

Perfect for: People who love YA fantasy/paranormal but want to read something that feels fresh and new. 

Summary: Cas is a teenager with a secret life: he hunts troubled ghosts who have turned dangerous and kills them (for a final time) with a mystical knife he inherited from his father who died battling the dead. He moves from town to town with his Wiccan mother searching for these troubled dead, playing a normal teen by day as best he can. When he gets a tip about a powerfully troublesome ghost named Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas knows in his bones that this will not be just another routine job, but he doesn’t realize just how much the Anna case will change his life. 

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Review: Flash Burnout – by L.K. Madigan

YA Platonic Ideal

No Hacking Needed

Verdict: MUST READ. This is like the Platonic Ideal of a great teen book: funny, heartfelt, touching, and perfectly, briskly paced.

Perfect for: Anyone who has a sense of humor and/or a sense of empathy. Also: if you are male.  Also: great for anyone who wants inside information on how boys think. Spoiler: Boys are weird. And horny!

Click to find out more about why I gave all my heart(s) to this book