Review: Transcendence – by CJ Omololu ~ Akhet are the new vampires

Akhet are the new vampires

There is a kernel of a good idea here

Verdict: Interesting paranormal concept that played out in a disconnected, melodramatic plot with forgettable characters.

Perfect for: People who still love vampire stories, or are bored of vampire stories but still want that romance-between-beings-with-eternal-life thing. People who are interested in the concept of reincarnation.

Find out about what the heck Akhet are and why the book didn’t make the best use of them

Review: Cat Girl’s Day Off by Kimberley Pauley

Loved the cover, liked the story

Good story – Let’s hack it and make it great

Verdict: This humorous mystery-caper with a fantastical premise has some refreshingly unique characters and fun dialogue, but the plot fell a bit flat.

Click to find out what worked and what didn’t