Review: Notes from Ghost Town – by Kate Ellison ~ more than a murder mystery

A murder mystery with a lot of gray areas – like, LITERALLY

Good story – Let’s hack it and make it great

Verdict: An atmospheric YA mystery with ambiguous supernatural elements and a bit of a love triangle (sorta). It was pretty good! I am reviewing an ARC so there are some aspects of the story that may change before the book is published. (the book’s cover is not even official – I had to take a pic with my phone). As far as the story goes,  I have some suggestions! (of course)

Perfect for: Contemporary and mystery YA fans will both find something to like. It’s cool that I can’t think of anything to compare this book to. Read the summary and tell me if you can think of any books with a similar premise. kthx!

Summary: While Liv is away at an out-of-state high school art academy, her best friend and was-almost-boyfriend Stern is murdered, and all evidence points to Liv’s schizophrenic mother. The bulk of the book happens months after the murder, just weeks before Liv’s mother will go on trial. So much has changed in those months: Liv has a new house and a new step-mom and step-sister; she is back at her old public school and all her peers look at her funny; she is forced to go to rich people’s parties and mix with snobby rich teens because her dad is in business with a wealthy real estate developer; she is reckless with drinking and hookups; and, oh yeah, she’s completely lost the ability to see colors other than black, white, or gray. And one more thing…. Continue reading

Review: Anna Dressed in Blood – by Kendare Blake ~ creepy funny suspenseful GOOD

No Hacking Needed ❤

Verdict:  Mystery/horror/paranormal romance that breaks all the molds of these popular YA genres. A suspenseful page turner with plenty of humor and wit. I don’t even like horror novels, but I loved this book!

Perfect for: People who love YA fantasy/paranormal but want to read something that feels fresh and new. 

Summary: Cas is a teenager with a secret life: he hunts troubled ghosts who have turned dangerous and kills them (for a final time) with a mystical knife he inherited from his father who died battling the dead. He moves from town to town with his Wiccan mother searching for these troubled dead, playing a normal teen by day as best he can. When he gets a tip about a powerfully troublesome ghost named Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas knows in his bones that this will not be just another routine job, but he doesn’t realize just how much the Anna case will change his life. 

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