Oh hai! Hey, I’m a high school librarian and while I love a wide array of books, I really love Young Adult Lit and Adult Lit-for-YA.  I started this blog because sometimes YA-friendly books frustrate me with their unrealized potential – like, I’ll read a review or a description of the book and then the actual book…somehow does not live up to its promise.

Inspired by the blogs LifeHacker and The Fug Girl’s “Unfug It Up” feature, this blog provides 100% unsolicited advice about how to turn a promising book into a totally awesome one.

Remember fellow Hackers and Hackettes:I only hack because I care!

LitHacker uses the following rating system:


There is a kernel of a good idea here – somewhere

Some redeeming elements; major hacking needed

Good story – Let’s hack it and make it great

Only one element needs hacking

No Hacking Needed!

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  1. Supercool! You must have really not wanted to buy me a falafel! No one is more qualified than you to hack these books and I can’t wait to read more. Score one for Gestalt counseling…

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