Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow: Will this become 7 books and a movie? Please?

Rainbow: Will this become 7 books and a movie? Please?

Sometimes you don’t even realize how much you’ve been missing something until you are lucky enough to have it again.

I’ve really missed new Harry Potter books.
I’ve really missed the magic of Rainbow Rowell, especially the Fangirl kind.
I’ve really missed feeling so compelled to finish a book, that I cast aside my computer, my cell phone, my worries, and my bedtime to finish it.

Carry On was what I had been missing.

Fun, magical, witty, clever, suspenseful – I only wish it were a part of a 7 book series! (plus a movie)

In Carry On, Rainbow explores themes that readers will recognize from her other books:

-Do I have to care what other people think about who I choose to love?
-Must my family’s history and/or wishes determine my destiny?
-What happens when people change and grow away from who you thought they were?
-How responsible am I for others?
-Are things “right” because that is the way things have been in the past?

Yes, this is a teen fantasy book about a Chosen One at a magical British boarding school. But it challenges and plays with the tropes of that genre in really fun ways.

On top of everything I already mentioned, there’s one more thing that really tickled me about Carry On, and that is the literal power of language. Without spoiling things too much, I ADORED the way that magic spells are cast in this particular magical universe. It has a great logic, and allows Rainbow to have fun with language, with lots of winks towards pop culture.

Carry On is hands down my new favorite Rainbow Rowell!

*casts spell* Read it or weep!


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