Review addendum: I forgot to talk about the horrible, twisted ending to Every Day


This is a spoiler, but I forgot to talk about the sicko ending to the whole thing. [Spoilers]:So Rhiannon makes it clear she doesn’t think it’s going to work. And A finally realizes A is being selfish and unrealistic. That part is good. But this is how A “solves” the problem. In the last chapter A wakes up as this really nice, funny, great guy named Alexander. And A thinks, well Alexander is the soooooo great, just like me (*eye roll*)! So A convinces Rhiannon to come over to Alexander’s house and A-inside-Alexander shows Rhiannon a super good time. The two cuddle in Alexander’s badass treehouse. Just before midnight, A suggests that when Alexander wakes up the next morning entangled in Rhiannon’s arms (a girl Alexander has never met!) then the two of them can carry on and have a great relationship. A relationship manipulated into being by A. So A is basically “giving” Rhiannon to Alexander, and Alexander is supposed to instantly fall in love with Rhiannon because she is apparently SO AMAZING.  IS THAT THE GROSSEST THING YOU HAVE EVER HEARD???

5 thoughts on “Review addendum: I forgot to talk about the horrible, twisted ending to Every Day

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  2. AHHH! Thank you for sharing my chagrin! I agree with all your original hacks, but could have forgiven the book if not for this ending. Does it not cancel out the entire message of loving someone for who they are? “Here, love this guy instead.” Suuure.

  3. Okay but the theme wasn’t love somebody for who they are, it was about loving somebody so much their happiness is greater than yours. A gave Rhiannon the best shot at happiness he could give her and he left so he could no longer hurt her. I also think the not explaining why it happens adds to the story. This book wasn’t supposed to be about A changing bodies, it was about what happened to him *because* he changes bodies. Levithan addresses that the reasons exist, but won’ t tell the reader, it’s the perfect way to not give everything out. The only critique I can share with you is that it is obviously told from a white perspective, and A has no race.

  4. What the duck sauce!! That’s It? That’s the ending?!?! Nope I am done, I am out. Not even going to bother to read the book or watch the movie.
    I know I should give it a chance since I am reading spoilers but I legit wanted this to be a good story. But NnoOoOoo.

    Btw thank you for posting this ^-^

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